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Trophy shelf


My niece wanted to build a display shelf for her brother to keep his trophies and sports medals.  She came up with a sketch and we worked out a plan.  It would include a shelf, a drawer, and some pegs to hang medals.  On the way to my house, we stopped at my lumber dealer and she picked out a nice piece of cherry for the project.  It was a little over 8-inches wide so we wouldn't have to glue up any panels.

I didn't get many pictures of the process but I did let the video camera run several times during the two days we worked on this.


Jo turned the shaker peg in the center and it looked really good.  Unfortunately, neither of us are very accomplished turners and we were on a tight schedule.  We ended up just turning straight pegs for now and not gluing them.  Hopefully, we can turn more of the fancy pegs later to replace them.