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Flip-Top Tool Stand


I am planning to build a new woodworking bench and won't have room underneath for my planer and don't want to use the bench for my grinder.  The solution will be a rolling stand with a pivoting top to hold both tools.  I found plans in "The Complete Small Shop" from August Home Publications.  I modified the measurements to fit my needs and added a space for a drawer at the bottom.

I used 3/4" Baltic birch plywood and some birch hardwood for the project.

side panels

Here are the sides of the stand with dadoes for the bottom and the shelf.  Also, the hole at the top (left side of the picture) for the steel rod that will act as the pivot.

drawer slide

I used glue and pocket screws to hold the bottom and the shelf.  I also mounted the drawer slides before assembly for ease of access.


I used the same polyurethane double locking casters as my other tool stands except for the size.  These are three-inch wheels.

top glue-up

I sandwiched 3/4" birch boards between two layers of plywood for the top.  It makes a torsion box of sorts.

top finished

Here is the top with a coat of poly.  notice the hole in the center edge and the slots on the corners.

rough blocks

I will use these blocks along with 5/16" T-nuts to make the locking knobs that will hold the top in place for use.

sized blocks

The finished size on these needs to be 1-1/8" square.  I squared them up and sized them with some of my home made planes.

finished knobs

I used a shop-built jig on my table saw to cut them to final shape.  I counter bored and drilled them and pre-drilled for the spurs on the t-nuts.

finished stand

The nearly completed stand.  I need to find a couple more 5/16" eye-bolts for the corners and build the drawer box. 

The grinder will need to be perched a little bit higher for my liking.  I will need to build a riser for it to sit on.  I may try to come up with something to catch the grit from grinding so that it doesn't end up on the stand or in my planer.

finished stand

Another pic without the grinder.

In the drawer opening are the other two knobs and the piece of 1/4" plywood which will cover the back of the cabinet to keep dust out of the drawer.

To switch from one tool to the other, loosen the knobs, pivot the eye-bolts to the front and back of the stand, then flip the top.  After it is turned over, move the eye-bolts back into their slots and tighten down the knobs.