Tool Box Stand


After three years of kicking it around, I have finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a metal working lathe.  I have some upcoming projects that will be much better served if I can turn my own parts.

I decide to go with the Grizzly G0602 10x22.  I have one reserved at the warehouse and will pick it up the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Grizzly sells a stand but it doesn't specifically fit this model.  After doing some online research to see what others are doing, I decided to use a lower tool cabinet from Harbor Freight. 

I glued up two pieces of 3/4" Baltic birch plywood to allow for the lip on the edges of the box.

I taped on some cardboard to shim out the edging strips so that the top could be taken off and on after it was glued up.

Creating a thicker edge.

The underside with the edging in place and the outside trimmed and square.

Plastic laminate applied.

The chip pan on the lathe will overhang the top slightly but this was all the laminate I had on hand.