shop  building

This is my new shop, at least it's new to me.  The previous owner had it built a couple of years ago.  The building is about 12 x 18 feet.  At some point I can see me adding on, but I think I'll try it on for size first, I might just like it.  It has a good concrete floor that sits slightly higher than the surrounding yard so it should stay dry which will be a new experience for me.  It has electricity but only one 15 amp circuit.  I would like to run a new line from the meter and install a 100 amp service.  This will require digging a 30 foot trench about 18 inches deep.  I'm not really looking forward to that but I guess it will be a good fall project.

I am still in the early stages of organization, or lack thereof.  I have been working on finding a place for everything and now have a fair size path cut down the middle.  I can actually get all the way to the back wall now. 

what bench?


The bench I built will be easy to sweep under.  Look Ma, no legs!  I plan to put 1/4" hardboard over the top and trim the ends and front with birch to match the plywood supports.  I also plan to mount a woodworkers vise on the front left.  The hardboard top is a neat trick since it is easily replaced when it gets nasty.

In my old shop, I used a 42" attic fan mounted in a plywood box with casters to circulate some air in the summer.  Since this building is much smaller and actually has an attic, I took down the plywood box and put the fan where it belongs.
attic fan

No wiring or ceiling yet.  In the spring I will need to put gable vents on both ends of the building so the air will have somewhere to go.  At least the fan is out of the way now.

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