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Jack Plane 2

This is my second wooden jack plane.  This one uses a combination of CNC and hand tool construction.

The next installment will be the tote and striking button.  First I will need to find a piece of 5/4 or thicker red oak for the tote.  I laminated the last one but it doesn't look as good as a one piece.  Also, I'm not crazy about the wedge I have because it came from a lighter color board that doesn't really match the color of the plane body.  I will look for a closer color match when I shop for the tote material and maybe make a new wedge.
(This video can be viewed in HD)

The following video shows the basic procedure for shaping and heat treating A2 steel for the blade.  I am also making the blade for my next plane project which is still in the design stage.  It will be a small infill smoothing plane, thus the smaller of the two blades in the video.  (This video can be viewed in HD)

With the blade finished and the plane assembled I will have to put up some video of it making shavings.