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I purchased a PSI Turncrafter midi lathe to use as the basis for my rotary axis.  Since it is a very nice machine I didn't want to cannibalize it completely.  My plan is to make it a dual function machine.  By switching belts, I can convert from conventional turning to CNC and back.

I started with fitting a timing pulley onto the end of the spindle.  My friend Gary let me use his Atlas lathe to bore and thread the pulley.  I don't recall the bore diameter but I do remember that it is a left-hand metric thread.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the turning process. 

Here is the finished product in place on the spindle.

At this point it was time to start on a bracket for the stepper motor.  I has some 3/4" thick aluminum left over from the Z-axis build that was perfect for this.

I started by filing some flats on the headstock end of the bed.

I cut my aluminum to size and test fitted it.

After filing and final sanding the brackets are parallel with the pulley.

Still having some issues with electronics so I haven't done any cutting yet but hope to have video soon.