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Matt's Hangout

Matt's Hangout

After purchasing Aspire software from Vectric and watching the tutorial videos, I decided to try carving a plaque for my nephew.  I used one of the tutorial files exchanging the maple leaf for a train pattern I purchased from VectorArt3D.

Original design with maple leaf.

After some work in the software we have a concept of what it will look like.

I did a test run in extruded foam.  Everything looked good so it was time to move on to hardwood.

The new plaque is carved in walnut.  This image shows the result of the roughing pass.  The cuts were made with a 1/4-inch flat end mill.

The finish pass was cut with a 1/8-inch ball nose end mill.

The banner portion of the plaque was finished with a coat or two of shellac.  This helps the paint mask stick and makes its removal easier.  I didn't get a picture with the paint mask applied.  The letters are carved through the mask and then painted. 

A photo after the carving was complete before finish was applied.

The completed project with several coats of shellac.

My nephew's mouth fell open when he first saw it.