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Boolean Shere Cutout

I was explaining to one of my students what a Boolean difference is and how it works in Rhino3D. 

To do this I usually draw a cube then a sphere which intersects the corner of the cube. 

Using Boolean difference I cut the corner out of the cube leaving a spherical void.

The whole thing takes about 30 seconds and gives a good understanding of the concept.  When I had finished he asked me if I could cut that on my router.  Being me, I had to actually do it so I could pass around the part in class.  Here we go.

I imported the shape into my 3D CAM software and proceeded to create a tool path using a 1/2" ball mill.

Here are the simulated results of the roughing pass...

and the finish pass with the same tool.

Here is the mostly complete roughing pass on the router.

Part-way through the finish pass.

Completed demonstration.